Discussion Of Sexuality As A Reflection For Future Benefits Essay

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Some may argue that any discussion of sexuality is considered taboo, however to avoid the discussion is to neglect a basic human characteristic. I believe that the sexuality as a concept should be studied and personally reviewed by all seven billion individuals on this planet. To deny the fact that humans are sexual beings is to deny humanity altogether. One must also consider the notion that every human’s sexual experience is to be unique to their own body. This paper will be both informative and to serve as a reflection for future benefits. I plan on reading this paper several more times throughout my life and continuing to add to it as my experiences grow. The paper will provide major milestones and will describe different cultural settings. The purpose of this paper is to provide personal experiences of sexuality through the life of a 20-year old male human being. Prior to my birth, we will take a look at my family history that shaped much of my behavior and the evolution of my sexuality. My father was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up there by the age of 16. While discussion about my father’s past, he mentioned that my grandparents were very adamant that he was to focus on education rather than working and trying to make a family. My father said that his sexuality developed at a young age (5) and he lost his virginity at the age of 13. When my father moved to the United States to escape the oncoming religious persecution and restrictions in Iran. At the age of 15, my
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