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English Education 2 Assignment One: Discussion of Syllabus Documents Language is an art form through which shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world. (BOSTES, 2012). It is through language; where human beings are able express their inner thoughts and emotions. Language is defined as the verbal behaviour; gestures, body movement (Pierce & Eplin, 1999). The NSW K-10 English Syllabus emphasises that language is central to the intellectual, social, and emotional development of all students and that the model of language development is through a sociolinguistic approach. Sociolinguistics is referred to as the study of language and its relationship with culture and society (Kennedy, 2014). Sociolinguistics is an approach through which correlates with the NSW K-10 English Syllabus, as learning English, is recursive and develops through ever-widening contexts (BOSTES, 2012). It is through English, where students develop their critical and imaginative faculties to broaden their capacity for cultural understanding. (BOSTES, 2012). Through the syllabus (the rationale, aims, objectives, outcomes, stage statements and content), is the notion of how students will develop an appreciation of language as well as the skills in composing, understanding values and attitudes. Thus, the study of English, as expressed in the syllabus, allows students to learn across the curriculum as well as develop an understanding about and dress contemporary issues they face (BOSTES, 2012). The
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