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DISCUSSION THE DEPARTMENTS POSITION: The Department’s Representative testified that the Department received a data exchange alert informing that the household had a change in SSI income. The Department began counting $624.00 in the household’s SNAP eligibility calculation due to the change in members receiving SSI. The Department’s representative explained that the additional income caused the benefit amount to decrease from $511.00 to $253.00. The Department’s Representative testified to a total gross household income of $1608.00 which included $624.00 and $735.00 in SSI benefits, $44.20 in SSP and $205.00 in Cash Assistance benefits. The Department’s Representative testified that there were no income deductions given, as the income…show more content…
The County Assistance Office and other agencies as appropriate will prepare for the hearing so that evidence considered in making the decision or taking the action which is at issue and evidence that supports that decision or action will be introduced at the hearing in an orderly and concise manner. Relevant information which is presented at a hearing will include the following: (i) Names, relationships and ages of the persons affected, and the type of assistance involved. (ii) The decision or action which prompted the request for the hearing. (iii) Description of the relevant facts and events leading to the decision or action plus evidence to support the decision or action, including identification of the pertinent regulations applied in making the decision. (iv) Detailed computation of the grant, allowances and income, before and after implementation of the agency decision or action. Regulation 55 Pa. Code § 275.4(g)(6) states “Since the hearing decision will be based solely on the information presented at the hearing as described in subsection (h)(2), failure to introduce relevant evidence may result in an adverse decision if the evidence presented is inadequate to support the decision.” ANALYSIS AND DECISION: In this case, the Appellant appealed the Department’s decision to reduce her household’s SNAP benefits from $511.00 to $253.00 based on a change in household income. In this case, the
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