Discussion On Inside The Bullied Brain

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TOPIC: Inside The Bullied Brain
Resource 1: Facts 1: more likely to me depressed, anxious, or suicide
Facts 1: more likely to get in fights, and use drugs
Facts 1: can cause loss and stop the growth of neurons
Facts 1: corpus comosums less myelin coating
Fact 1: physical affects with verbal abuse as well as physical abuse
Fact 1: cortisol elevates causing stress affecting the brain
Fact 1: chronic stress can cause lower cortisol

Resource 2:
Facts 2: peer bullying shows worse damage then parental bullying
Facts 2: PR Dieter Wolke
Facts 2: some schools say that bullying builds character (they are wrong)
Facts 2: raises cases of nightmares and sleep walking

Resource 3:
Facts 3: Anterior Cingulate gyrus

Facts 3: fight or flight reasons is triggered

Facts 3: 40% less empathy since the 1970’s

Facts 3: Researcher Martin Teicher also found that children who had suffered psychological abuse had smaller corpus callosums. They were on average 40% smaller. This leads to manic shifts in moods, trouble with social intelligence and makes it more difficult for teens to process what is happening around them and respond correctly.

Facts 3: There has also been studies that have shown that there is a decrease in blood flow to the cerebellar vermis in the brain

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