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Discussion question in human resources management. Any organization is as good as its workforce. In this respect, an organization may be termed as successful if it is able to attract and retain top-notch talent. Among the several things that pertain employee retention, wages and salaries take an extremely significant role (Raymond, 457). There are many debates that discuss what should take precedence when choosing employment; job satisfaction or compensation. While job satisfaction is key in ensuring high employee performance and output, if the wages are not satisfactory, employees will ultimately seek other alternatives or fail to hesitate when offered greener pastures (457). While ensuring a good working environment for employees, it is…show more content…
One, such pay scales create a huge disconnect between regular employees and executives to a level that they become intimidated (463). The executive-regular employee alienation is usually both social (regular employee being intimidated and unable to relate normally with executives) and physical (usually both worker sets don’t share the same work environments or location). This estrangement, as some have argued , causes the senior level employees to be overly ineffective as they are unable to know what their subjects and customers go through, as they themselves are in a ‘protective bubble of comfort’. Regular employees are not able to freely report on matters that possibly ail them or impact their performance. An open door policy can go a long way to mitigate this. Two, executive pay does not increase or decrease with performance. The same performance gauges used on regular employees are seldom applied to top level management. This also has an impact on their performance and serve to further widen the disparities (461). Factors determining the location of a new factory or plant. Future success of a new company or industry is greatly determined by its location. With respect to human resources, an ideal location for such a plant is one that has readily available labor and has conducive employment laws that are favorable to a business (462). Other factors include accessibility, cost of living, availability of raw materials,

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