Ebola Chapter Questions And Answers

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1. On p. 16 – a hot virus from the rain forest lives within a 24 hr plane ride … What is his point? How does this relate to the current Ebola outbreak? In my opinion, I believe Preston’s point was to describe how amazing yet dangerous our world’s progression is. While advancing our air travel with plane rides that have the ability to fly across the world and connect everyone together is a very valuable and amazing accomplishment, the same accomplishment can also cause detrimental effects to the world like spreading a disease like Ebola. Perhaps Preston is trying to say it only takes one individual to fly on one of our amazing planes and travel across the world, to spread such a lethal sickness to the rest of the world. With the great advancement of air travel, diseases and sicknesses are more likely to spread throughout the world. 2. p. 37 – Read - Filovirus – what are they? Why is this information important? The world “filovirus” can be defined in …show more content…

P. 39 – read What does Preston mean when he says “It became pretty clear that Marburg did not naturally circulate in monkeys”? In this section of the novel, the narrator is explaining the Marburg virus and its severe effects on those who are infected with it. The Marburg virus detrimentally affects many areas of the body; therefore, doctors were trying to locate the “hiding place” of the virus and where, in terms of nature, the disease existed. However, they discovered that the Marburg virus “did not naturally circulate in monkeys” because the virus put the monkeys rapidly to death that the virus never had a chance to smoothly settle itself in their bodies as a “useful host.” Therefore, the doctors had to now experiment with some other animal and test to see if perhaps the Marburg virus existed in another kind of “host” and locate its exact source. 4. p. 93 – read What is the success of the Ebola project? All died = More than 90%... What happens to the control monkeys? Why is this significant? What does it tell

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