Discussion Questions For Chinatown

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Discussion Questions for Chinatown
5. Jake Gittes misjudges Evelyn Mulwray towards the end of the movie when he accuses her of killing her husband. The reason he accused her is because he found bifocal glasses in the salt water pond in her backyard and Hollis Mulwray died with salt water in his lungs, however, Mr. Mulwray did not wear bifocal glasses. Mr. Gittes also misjudged Mrs. Mulwray after she lied to the police about hiring him because he assumed that she knew more than what she was letting on. His speculation eventually became true after Mr. Gittes and Mrs. Mulwray discussed the affair and her payment at the dinner table. Mrs. Mulwray made it easy to assume that she was the killer because of her secretive activities and uneasy behavior she exhibited during conversation.
Mrs. Mulwray would be considered a femme fatale, an attractive and seductive woman who brings disaster on her lovers, because Mr. Gittes found himself in more danger while he was involved with her. This danger was evident when Mr. Gittes’s nose was cut open, he had to flee gunfire from an old retiree home and at the end when he was upset by Mrs. Mulwray’s death. These dangers
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One part of the film that depicts the “survival of the fittest” philosophy is at the end of the movie when Noah Cross gets the young girl Catherine. This is an example because Mr. Cross has a net worth of billions and his daughter, Evelyn Mulwray, does not. Mrs. Mulwray tries to keep Catherine away from Mr. Cross at all costs, however, Mrs. Mulwray dies and the young girl is taken by Mr. Cross. Mr. Cross has a wide network of resources at his disposal and this helps him because he has more influential power than Mrs. Mulwray. Mr. Cross was the” fittest” in this situation because he ended up with Catherine and in no trouble while Mrs. Mulwray diminished herself trying to keep Catherine from him. Mrs. Mulwray was not a strong enough in this situation to override her father’s antics and escape with her
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