Discussion Questions On Formal Language

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ENG1502 59579064 Assignment 3 [837921] Question 1 1.1) One expects to find formal language in any place of work and authority such as businesses, court, parliament, newspapers etc. Any profession which is associated with a high level of education and order. Formal language is also known to reflect on the speaker’s social class. It shows what type of school you attended, how you were raised and your heritage. Informal language is more commonly heard in a social environment. For example when you are at a braai or attending a family function. The people present usually know each other so the atmosphere is more relaxed and there is not an essential requirement for formality. Informal language is usually used on social media platforms or instant messaging. 1.2) If you were to address your colleagues, you would need to do it in a formal manner. You should gather as many facts as possible and also listing as many possible solutions as you can find. Facts and solutions help in strengthening your argument. This information would be presented to the board to try and convince them to agree with your point of view. Whereas in a social environment with your friends informal language could be used. You could discuss teenage pregnancy and give your personal thoughts and opinions on the topic. Your thought would not need to be supported by facts as it could be opinion based. 1.3) Whenever you are addressing someone professional, you are required and expected to use formal language.
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