Discussion Questions On The Bridge

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Discussion questions for “The Bridge”
1. How do the adults in the film feel about the war? How do the boys feel? Give specific examples!
Most of the adults (parents) are weary of the war and see the end is nigh, in general. There still exists a fear especially for the safety of their children; however, Jürgen’s mother puts up a good front when asked about her feelings on Jürgen enlisting. I believe she said something along the lines of all Borcherts being officers. The boys, on the other hand, view the war as a game. Wicki really does highlight the boys’ naivety. They are swept up by the idea of being heroes.
2. One of the unusual aspects of this film is that there is only diegetic sound. Why do you think Wicki chose to do this, and what effect does it have?
I think this was to bolster realism. The film was based on actual events and if Wicki wanted a focus on the futility of war, perhaps using only diegetic sound could make the film more serious.
3. Does this film deal with National Socialism? How are Nazis portrayed? (Remember that just because someone is in the army doesn’t mean they’re a Nazi!)
Early on in the film, the town coordinator makes a threat while trying to scurry his wife out of town. This was a reference to the National Socialist party and how they were perceived as well as how they took care of matters of conflict.
I don’t think this film focused on Nazism very strongly. There was a scene with a soldier wearing an iron cross (assuming those medals are the
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