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Discussion questions two each week: Should be responded to during the week class is in session Starting TUESDAY. (DO NOT wait till Monday the last day of any academic week to answer all the questions) P.S... Read ALL of the posts with IMPORTANT in the subject line first and follow the directions. Please put your name after the DQ in the subject line. When you respond directly to the DQ, 100 word count minimum on ALL posts. Week 1; DQ1: How does psychology as a scientific discipline differ from the casual observations we make about the world in everyday life? What are the similarities? I never thought about why I react to certain thing that I have observed in my everyday environment, until I started reading this…show more content…
At one time my sister signed herself off of some of the casino here in St. Louis and in Illinois. To only go to another casino that recently open or go to some out of town. The same sister is also planning to visit Vegas. Reference: Kowalski, R., & Westen, D. (2011). Psychology (6th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Hi Dan, I read your responds earlier today and I thought I should take some time to think about your question a bit before replying. As a child I can recall my aunt going thru a stressful period in her life. From time to time I would ask her why when we are out together we would from time to time cross the street for no reason “at least to me.” Later on I found out that someone attempted to attack her. She was saved by a group of friends she was going to meet. Even though no harm was done to her, mentally she never forgot how she felt in that moment. So because of that, she always taught me to pay attention to the little thing people do and the feeling I received from it. Speaking with her today, she told me she sew the person walking toward her and sew that he was hiding something, but her excitement of meet up with her friend she annoyed her warning signs. I have not thought about this in years, so to answer your question he had to be doing something that made me feel uncomfortable. Without a second thought I

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