Discussion Research On Parent Involvement Essay

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Prior Research on Parent Involvement in Education
Before turning to our qualitative study of parent involvement in urban char
ter schools, the following sections outline the prior research on the benefits of parent involvement, the barriers to involvement that exist, and the potential of the charter school context to reduce these barriers.
Benefits of Parent Involvement
Decades of research point to the numerous benefits of parent involvement in education for not only students but also for the parents involved, the school, and the wider community (Barnard, 2004; Epstein, 2001; Fan & Chen, 2001;
Henderson & Mapp, 2002; Jeynes, 2003, 2007; Lee & Bowen, 2006). De
spite the challenges in establishing a causal link between parent involvement and student achievement, studies utilizing large databases have shown positive and significant effects of parent involvement on both academic and behavioral outcomes (Fan & Chen, 2001; Jeynes, 2003, 2007). For example, research has found that parent involvement is related to a host of student achievement indi
cators, including better grades, attendance, attitudes, expectations, homework completion, and state test results (Astone & McLanahan, 1991; Cancio, West,
& Young, 2004; Dearing, McCartney, Weiss, Kreider, & Simpkins, 2004; Gut
man & Midgley, 2000; Izzo, Weissberg, Kasprow, & Fendrich, 1999; Senechal
& LeFevre, 2002; Sheldon, 2003). Additional academic outcomes such as lower dropout rates (Rumberger, 1995), fewer
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