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One of the main tools scientist use is the scientific method, therefore, is not a surprise that the scientific method is connected to the development of the atomic theory. The atomic theory states that all matter is made up of small particles that are invisible to the naked eye. However, the scientist didn’t just came up with this idea out of the nowhere, they investigated and experimented to create such theory, in other words, they used the scientific method. The scientist who contributed to the scientific method includes John Dalton, JJ Thomson and Ernest Rutherford.
The scientific method is a series of steps used to investigate and conduct experiments and observe to acquire knowledge, solve problems and answer questions. The steps in the scientific method are:
“Defining the problem” that is simply identifying the problem or phenomenon that needs to be investigated.
“Making observations” this step is where data is organized and gathered
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Atoms are not visible. When they are reacted chemically, they do not break apart, they are rearranged. Also, they can’t be destroyed nor created.
An element’s atoms have all the same size, mass and properties.
Atoms of different elements have different properties.
Atoms of different elements can be combined to form compounds. Atoms of the compounds are present in the same relative numbers.

British physicist JJ Thomson was the first person to experiment with what is know as a cathode ray tube, with his findings he developed the Plum-Pudding Model, which stated that the negatively charged electrons in an atom are like pieces of fruit in a plum pudding, while the positively charged material is like the batter. JJ Thomson's findings showed for the first time that atoms have positive and negative charges. And this helped with the development of the atomic theory. Ernest Rutherford found that an interesting phenomenon happened when he fired alpha particles at a very thin piece of
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