Discussion: The Importance Of Disciple Action In Schools

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Personally it’s more fitting to be educated similar to how griot taught rather than the teacher. The student would’ve a better outcome based on how it approached also what they will remember more in the future.
The use of disciple action varies on how the student reaction of it, however the school have more action to correct the students mistake unlike the griot. Whenever a student answers the wrong question or done a mistake, the student have to endorse discipline in front of other children either putting their hands on their head or scorned by the teacher if they answer the question incorrectly. This can go further if the while doesn’t wish to go to school by acknowledging the parents about the situation. There is no right or wrong question if someone is learning from the griot. The worst possibility for discipline to occur is when the student doesn’t come back from everyday activities, even so nothing happens if the “student” is late or doesn’t go.
The culture between the teacher and griot shows a great contrast on the subject matter. changes differently. Throughout the movie, the teacher only taught the students about the western world about the discovery of
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In contrast, the schools don’t have any cause student to draw away from schoolwork and exams with high expectation from the parents. For example, the mother side with school authority over tradition despite that Keita reflected more from griot than the school. Culture is an element of how Keita is affected by the future. The household is westernized by the manners, including cooking spaghetti, to speaking French instead to their original language. In the end of the story griot stops storytelling letting Krieta to imagine what situation would happen next. However, the father let Keita have the choice of listening to either of them while still being strict over
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