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The investigation was to determine how an ingested substance can affect urine volume and colour. The volume graph clearly indicates the average volume of urine was highest for participants who consumed water, followed by the electrolyte drink, chips and control who did not consume anything. Each colour graph shows the frequency of urine colour for each group. Colour charts were used to measure the colour of urine, one being the lightest or most dilute and five the darkest or most concentrated. The control group showed increases in frequency for colour one, occurring at 30 and 60 minutes, steady results for colour two, decreases in three at 60 minutes and slightly staggered results for four and five. Partakers who ingested chips
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The stimulus produced a change that lead to decreases in blood volume and hydration. The change, detected by the hypothalamus, the control centre, which maintains homeostasis, initiates the pituitary gland to secrete ADH. This is used to prevent dehydration by retaining water and explains the low volume of urine. Furthermore, the adrenal glands secrete aldosterone, signalling the kidney to reabsorb more sodium, increasing blood volume. Since chips are high in sodium, more concentrated urine was produced as the heart secretes ANP to enable the out flow of sodium. The electrolyte drink and water had similar results. The frequency of colour one increased significantly and colour five decreased, indicating more dilute urine due to drinking large amounts of liquids. Secretion of ADH would have slowed down of ceased as reabsorption of water was not required, therefore, large amounts of dilute urine was excreted. Water had a higher frequency of colour one than the electrolyte drink as it does not contain sodium, whereas electrolyte drinks do and hence, had more people with urine of colours three and four. This is an example of a negative feedback system as the hypothalamus detects a change generated by a stimulus and initiates the appropriate glands to secrete specific hormones to respond and correct the change.

It is extremely important for the body to react to stimuli to maintain homeostasis, a constant internal environment, and is required for normal bodily functions.

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