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DVM1100 sections A & B Canada and Challenges of International Development and Globalization Fall 2014, Professor Mahmoud Masaeli The first DGD International Development: ideas, conceptions, definitions, and theories General Issues covered in our classes: 1. Canada as an example of globalization and development a. Have we resolved all problems? Argue No because we still have poverty, inequality, racism, unemployment etc. b. If we have been able to develop ourselves, whether the others can do as well. Rostow says yes if you follow his ideas of the traditional society, the preconditions for take-off, the take-off, the drive to maturity and the age of mass-consumption - Political, social and economic development all play a…show more content…
Development: from national to international a. Causes and reasons for the shift from national to international. Humanitarian considerations, ethics of help, Cold War - fear of communism b. Truman proposal: what is it all about? Helping others solely economically c. Theory of economic growth: who present it? What are the main assumptions, strength, and weaknesses? Walt Rostow - main cause is that developing countries have a traditional society Strengths: Importance of endogenous factors Importance of entrepreneurial spirit Accumulation of capital Science and technology Weaknesses: Disregards the political and cultural differences Negligence of endogenous factors Disregards the structure of international system One size for all Modern/tradition dichotomy End goal is high consumerism d. Dependency theory, its versions and the main assumptions We screwed everyone over through colonies and harvesting resources and selling them as our own and the only reason that we are so developed is because we through other countries under the bus e. Neo-liberalism’s main assumptions, Washington Consensus Set of concrete economic policies for the reform in the economy included: Reducing the role of the state Competition in the market is beneficial Deregulation of markets Consequential welfareism and

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