Discussion of Abortion Essay

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Discussion of Abortion

Abortion is the surgical termination of a pregnancy. How odd that people are able to define something, that is such a controversial issue, so easily. There are hundreds, thousands, and even millions of things to say about abortion. When it comes to abortion, I find myself thinking like a symbolic interactionist. Abortion is a personal social issue and it needs to be seen on a micro level first. Although abortion can also be seen on a macro level, seeing abortion on a micro level lets people see the different symbols of abortion. No social condition creates the same symbol. If abortion is seen on a macro level, all the myths and stereotypes of abortion seem more realistic. For example, some of those myths
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He was persistent with moving things to the next level when finally the next level was sex. Kate knew that Sam could have sex with any other girl if she wouldn’t have sex with him. So Kate, being in love with Sam and not wanting to lose him, thought it would be the right thing to do to have sex with Sam. So, she did. After, Sam was a lot nicer to Kate and treated her more as his girlfriend than just a friend. Kate saw how happy Sam was when they would have sex so as long as Sam was happy Kate was happy. About a month later, Kate noticed that she skipped her period. She told her friends about it and they told her to not worry about it. As time passed Kate still didn’t get her period so she decided to take a pregnancy test. To her surprise the test came out positive. Kate couldn’t believe it so she took another test to confirm. Once again the results came out positive. Kate was extremely scared and she didn’t know what to do so she decided to tell Sam. Sam rejected Kate and the baby and abandoned them both. At this point Kate had no idea what to do. She knew she couldn’t tell her mother so she confided in her friends. Looking at her situation, Kate new that their was no way that she could have a baby so as much as it hurt her, she decided to have an abortion. Luckily for Kate, one does not need parental consent to have an abortion in California, so she went through with the abortion. For the next few months Kate was depressed but she had to
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