Discussion of the Causes of the Cold War Essay

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Discussion of the Causes of the Cold War

The cold war was a direct result of many causes. The leaders of the world could not agree on very much and lead the world into the cold war. During the second world war, Britain, France, USA and the Soviet Union had all been allies, fighting against Germany. After World War Two, Britain, France and the Usa had become enemies of the Soviets.

The Cold War was caused by several events. The first of the nine events was the yalta conference. The yalta conference was held on 4th February through the 11th 1945. The main discussion was the future of poland, it was decided that poland would be divided and much of the eastern sector was given to the Soviets and the
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Other disagreements were Reparations, as twenty million Russians had died in the war, this left the Soviet Union devastated, Stalin wanted Compensation from the Germans, however Truman did not want to again make the same mistake as was made with the Treaty of Versailles. The Potsdam conference finished without any agreements to these issues.

Shortly following the Potsdam Conference stalin began to tyrannize in eastern Europe and by 1946 Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany and Albania all had communist governments, who were all loyal to Stalin. This was known as Salami tactics. The Salami tactics were developed during the period of 1946-47 and was the idea that the communists were taking over Europe "slice by slice".

In March 1946 Winston Churchill gave the Fulton Speech, which described Stalin's actions throughout Eastern Europe as an Iron curtain that had "descended over Europe." As Stalin gradually gained control over more and more countries, there was a border between the Capitialistic West and the Communistic East. He also says " The Communist parties have raised to power far beyond their number and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control" which is a blatant statement to the Soviets, saying that they are trying to achieve world domination. Stalin believed in order to
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