Discussion of the Existence of Mental Illness Essay

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Discussion of the Existence of Mental Illness The feelings and behaviour of the human race are variable to say the least. Depending upon environmental factors or personal experiences the same people may range from being happy to sad, feeling sluggish to being highly active, behaving aggressively or calmly at any time. The majority of these responses will fit into a perceived range of normal, as it is appreciated that events can elicit all kinds of emotions, and comment or concern will generally only emerge when these responses are judged to be unreasonable in light of individual personal and social …show more content…
New Labours’ focus on public health is undoubtedly a financially inspired move, but it also moves towards countering many of the vitamin deficiency related mental illnesses. Reynolds (2002) states that a deficiency of folic acid has been proven to have particular effects on mood, and has been associated with depression. Deficiencies in a number of B vitamins are known to cause depression, as is a lack of zinc, particularly in women. These issues also relate to the health based side of the social sciences.

An interesting study published in 2004 (Sanders Thompson et al) linked discrimination to mental illness and worsening of existing symptoms. They found that the impact of discrimination in all areas not only created feelings of isolation and helplessness commonly linked with depression, but also impacted upon help seeking, service utilization and treatment outcome. When it is considered that mental illness can be linked to unemployment, time off work, homelessness and other social issues, it is evident that a political appraisal of the causes of mental illness would be beneficial in terms of the country’s’ budget.

The question of the existence of mental illness and its’ causes also concerns political thinkers in reference to social policy. Farrington et al (1982,

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