Essay on Discussion of the early pioneers of moving pictures

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Topic : Discuss in detail how American filmmakers Edwin Porter and D.W Griffith built on early films by the Lumiere brothers and George Melies. Use examples from the oeuvre of each filmmaker to substantiate your argument. This essay will outline an introduction to the premature years of motion pictures and developments that helped shape cinema as we know it today. This paper will explore the roles of the early pioneers and the extent to which their contributions shaped cinema. In particular, it will look at how E.S Porter and D.W Griffith improved on the early years of cinema as result of influences from Louis and Auguste Lumiere and George Melies.…show more content…
The notion of filmmaking at this age was merely to document real life, and this novelty of seeing a presentation of ?reality? captivated the audience of its era. However, these films showed movement toward camera from right to left, which later became a standard technique for staging action for the next few years ( Thus, the Lumiere brothers? pioneered not just the technical attributes of the camera but also its artistic attributes, creating a dialogue of realism (Lumiere, 1895:302). This novelty of cinema, and Lumiere brothers? short films fascinated a man named Melies, who was later to further develop this medium. In 1896 Melies bought his first camera and began screening other filmmakers? films but three months later he showed his very own first screenings. His first films were clear-cut just demonstrated life events and were one reel or shot usually about a minute long, ?patterned after the short films of the Lumiere brothers? ( In 1896, an incident transpired which has since passed into film convention and changed the way Melies looked at cinematography. While shooting a street scene, his camera jammed and after fixing it when he processed the film he was struck by the effect such an incident had on the scene, objects suddenly appeared, disappeared or were transformed into other objects
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