Discussion on Social Media Isolating Society

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Yukio Strachan's article, "Does social media cause a more isolated society", explores the perceived feeling of disconnectedness that is prevalent throughout the world, and in the United States in particular. The author is primarily disagreeing with the opinion of MIT professor Sherry Turkel, who posits the notion that social media and contemporary technology is responsible for the feeling of isolation and loneliness that inhabits many people today. As such, the author details many of Turkle's concepts related to the notion that contemporary technology is causing loneliness, such as the fact that people desire intimacy yet are afraid of it. The bulk of the author's article, however, attempts to disprove Turkle's claim that it is today's technology responsible for this sentiment. Strachan presents a protracted case study of a man in 1985 who used the television in much of the same way that Turkle claims contemporary technology is used by people specifically to distance himself from others, despite the fact that he truly craves attention and companionship. Thus, the principle thesis of Strachan's article is that social media and other modern technology is not responsible for the feeling of isolation in people, and that technology in general (not merely its latest applications) has caused this division among and within people. I do believe that Strachan is correct in her views. However, I also believe that her viewpoint is closely aligned with Turkle. Technology in general
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