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Identify and Mitigate Malware and Malicious Software on a Windows Server

Kaplan University
Professor Mathew North, Ph.D.
IT542 – 01: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense
Unit 4 Lab
July 09, 2013

The lab consist of using the AVG scan in the virtual machine to detect the different threats that were found which were moved to the virus vault. The window defender was used to verify the different infections and spyware that were found in the virtual machine. Malware and spyware are growing trends in the world of technology. It is good to know the steps to take just in case your system is infected with these nasty malicious malware and spyware.

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2. Your employees e-mail file attachments to each other and externally through the organization’s firewall and Internet connection. What security countermeasures can you implement to help mitigate the risk of rogue e-mail attachments and URL Web links?
Many business owners must examine what is at risk when they communicate sensitive data over email. The first thing is to make sure that a good virus protection software is install and updated on everyone computer place. Second it is good that all key departments within the organization, such as legal IT and H, understand the policies; require them to sign off on the email filtering, retention, retrieval and analysis policies (Small Business Computing Staff, 2011).

3. Why is it recommended to do an antivirus signature file update before performing an antivirus scan on your computer?
Signature files contain the latest list and behavior of known viruses that why it’s important to update the antivirus signature file before performing a scan on your computer. Anti-virus programs release signature files updates regularly sometimes daily sometimes more often because new viruses are being identified on a daily basis (Loza, 1999).
4. Once a malicious file is found on your computer, what are the default settings for USB/removable device scanning? What should organizations do regarding use of USB hard drives and slots on existing computers and devices?

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