Better Essays Review the assigned pages of Chapter 5 in your course text, The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution. Focus on emotional resolution. Review Chapter 8 in your course text, The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution, and pay particular attention to the approaches of negotiation (distributive, integrative, interest-based, and positional). Review the article, "Address the concern, not the emotion." Note the emotions that arise from each concern. Review the article, "DRT Interview: Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro on Negotiating," paying particular attention to the role of emotion in negotiation. Consider…show more content…
Mary suffered debilitating/permanent injuries resulting from the horrific crash. A short time before the accident happened; Mary had taken her vehicle to Calhoun Chevrolet in order to have some repairs done to her 2008 Chevy Impala. Unbeknownst to Mary, her front headlight of the driver-side was malfunctioning. The other driver, who struck her in the accident, could not see her car due to that malfunction. Subsequently, Mary sued Calhoun Chevrolet as being liable for the accident, filing a million-dollar lawsuit. Calhoun Chevrolet did have an insurance policy with Moreel Inc., insurance; it had a claim ceiling of $500,000. However, after winning a summary judgment, against Mary, where the judge made a ruling stating there was no actual basis for a trial, Moreel Inc., made a tentative offer of $20,000. Mary instructed her lawyer to counter that with the demand for $500,000 and also set in motion an appeal to the court’s decision. Four months later the appellate court reversed the initial decision which earlier stated that there was no legal basis for trial, setting a date for both parties to argue their sides in court. Two months after the court reversal Moreel Inc. insurance made Mary and offer for $250,000. Due to the fact that so much time had passed, Mary was beginning to exhibit risk adverse effects to the negotiation process (Mayer, 2012), instructing her lawyer to lower their demand from $500,000 to $350,000. Moreel Inc. rejected the
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