Diseas Disease Research Paper

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If you love to spend time with animals or pets or you owe the cat and love to spend time with her then you must need to read this article as here’s a warning?
Women lived in Ohio love to spend her time with her lovely cat and the cat usually licked her face but the fact is that she has gone blind in one eye due to the cat as cat transmitted the infection to the women face that blind her from left eye.
Women explained about her blindness:
The women explains about the accident that she is spending time with her lovely cat and cat was licking to her face and when she woke up in the next morning, she was unable to see from her left eye as eye gone blind and she thought it is conjunctivitis.
She went to the hospital for checkup of her eye from the professionals as doctors examined the eye of the lady for long time and last they discovered that she lost her eye due to cat scratch i.e. a virus transmitted from her lovely cat.
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bacteria and it is common in the cat as it is found in the fur of the cat or mouth and the virus is transmitted to the human through a scratch and the process of transmitting the virus to human is known as cat scratch – Actually, the fact is that nearly 40 percent of the cat in the world has Bartonella virus that is dangerous for humans and cause effects to the human
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