Disease Analysis: Pediatric Diabetes

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Pediatric Diabetes Based on the facts of this case study, it appears as though Josh is suffering from Type 1 diabetes, a condition which is commonly known as childhood diabetes, as it is so commonly diagnosed in children. His grandmother who has NIDDM has type 2 diabetes, has a condition which is generally diagnosed in the adult population over the age of 40. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more and more common in American and in Western Europe and is a condition which generally results as a manifestation of the tissues of the body creating opposition to insulin created by the beta cells of the pancreas (Brawley, 2011). "The pancreas first tries to overcome this resistance to insulin by making more insulin. The blood sugar goes up as a patient's body is no longer able to make enough insulin" (Brawley, 2011). The bulk of patients that end up developing this condition are generally overweight or tend to be obese, which means that preventing obesity and keeping one's weight down is a wise and effective means of preventing this condition (Brawley, 2011). However, because Josh's weight is not known at this time, it's still safe to assume that he has type one diabetes. However, it is worth mentioning that type two diabetes is becoming more and more common with children and has even been found to occur in families (Chad, 2013). This is significant, since the child's grandmother has type two diabetes; even so, without additional information to explain details of the case, such as
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