Disease Classification Structures

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Disease Classification Structures Health care information systems cover a wide range of issues dealing with the supervision and use of biomedical information. Health information systems are central support tools in the administration of health care services. An acceptable health information system is important not only for evaluating the health needs of populations but also for preparation and for application of health interventions. It is equally imperative in the assessment of programs. The goal of information systems is to create an appropriate working environment. This is done by providing initial and going training, allocating resources, and by managing unintended consequences (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009). This summary will…show more content…
Death certificates are also pulled to determine the cause of death and monitor diseases that could change and affect more populations. The data is pulled to analyze epidemiology and provide control of diseases across the world. Any negative aspects of your selection Every system in healthcare has its positive and negative traits. Though there are few disadvantages to the classification of diseases, understanding them is of importance. New diseases are being found yearly to even monthly, and every several years the classification of diseases needs to be updated, which can cause changes to the past and current classification. Once the system has been changed, and it is important that there is proper communication of the change so this classification of system remains understandable and useful. Categories for past census may be different from past categories, so these changes will also make it hard to compare past and current census. Conclusion Disease classification information structures are very important for the health care community. The ICD is used to monitor health care disease and categorize the disease in a format that is universal to all health care organizations. The ICD has provided a system to assist in the reimbursement process for health care organizations. The ICD is also important to monitor diseases and prevent the spread of infection. The ICD information structure has provided a standard that
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