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Today, there are many diseases people have to deal with. Some of them are treatable and some of them are permanent. One of the visible autoimmune diseases is vitiligo. Vitiligo occurs when melanocytes die or stop producing the pigment that gives a skin, hair, and eye color. When people have vitiligo the skin becomes whiter, and it usually occurs on skin on both sides of the body. The exact trigger is not known, but it relates to the immune system to attack, destroy the melanin-forming cells because of the family history, sunburn, stress, or exposure to chemicals. It can happen at any age, but usually occurs before the age 20. In the article “For Vitiligo Patient, Arthritis Drug Restores Skin Color” from June 24, 2015 says that a…show more content…
The side effect is dry skin, rash, or itching. In addition, there are ointments that contain tacrolimus or pimecrolimus, which are used on small areas. There are also a treatment that is used as a combination medication and light therapy. The patient will need to take in or apply medication called psoralen. After that, the patient exposed to ultraviolet A or UVA light. The skin turns pink and more normal skin color started to appear. It takes six to 12 months. The risk is that the skin might have bad sunburn, blistering, itching, over darkening, or risk of skin cancer. Another option is surgery, which is done by removing a small section of the skin and moving it to affected areas. This procedure called skin grafting. Lastly, the tattooing is used, when a doctor uses a surgical instrument to implant pigment in the skin. The negative part is that it is quite difficult to match the skin color, and tattoos tend to fade with time. Sometimes this technique causes more vitiligo patches. In conclusion, whether to treat vitiligo or leave it untreated, it is each every person’s decision. In today’s world with many resources available there is no exact cure for this autoimmune disease, which is really sad. I think that it is not a very popular topic since people are not going to die and it is not a disease, which will affect others if to become in contact. The main things that people should do are use sunscreen on the white spots. This white spot never tan, they

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