Disease Trends Hca/240 Final Paper Week 9

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Disease Trends & the Delivery of Health Care Services
Rhonda Rohde
February 26, 2012
Andrea Thomas

Disease Trends & the Delivery of Health Care Services This document will discuss how demographics disease trends affect the delivery of health care. Starting with current age composition of the United States population and how future changes will occur in the next 10 to 20 years. Next will be identifiable factors that support environmental and changing demographic trends. Providing examples of relevant diseases and how the aging trend will increase or decrease health issues and how to reduce health complications because of age. The current rate of obesity will be discussed and how it will change in the next 10 to 20
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Diabetes type two occurs mostly in adults after the age of 45. Then is when the body resists insulin or does not produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. Maintaining a healthy diet can help prevent this type of diabetes along with healthy eating, regular exercise, and monitoring blood sugar levels With growing population it is normal to expect this change to affect environmental and health nationwide. By making ourselves aware of these issues allows preparations and changes to decrease chances of diseases and viruses. The biggest environmental concern is obesity because in the last two decades Americans have witnessed noticeable changes in the average body formation by a 10 percent increase. This has become the number one nutritional concern on the public health agenda. Although many do not understand how this obesity epidemic began but speculation is contributed to the environmental changes. Many believe the lack of exercise versus consumption of food is the most logical reason for obesity. The concern of fast food has also remained in the spotlight for unhealthy, greasy, high calorie food. Obesity can contribute to other health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. With growing population and the increase in obesity finding a solution for this concern is important. It is important to educate our society on ways to decrease the rate of obesity nationwide. Some

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