Diseases And Viruses Are Preventable Harmful, Dr. Sharon Moalem

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While many believe that diseases and viruses are only harmful, Dr. Sharon Moalem explained how many different diseases actually helped humans survive through many hardships. Moalem writes, “Why would you take a pill that was guaranteed to kill you in forty years? Because it will save you tomorrow. Why would we select for a gene that will kill us through iron loading by the time we reach what is now Middle Ages? Because it will protect us from a disease that is killing everyone long before that.” Overtime, people would think that evolution would get rid of terrible diseases. However, evolution has actually kept diseases like hemochromatosis, favism and diabetes in the gene pool because these diseases seem to have helped us. Without them, the human race may be completely different from what we know it to be.
Hemochromatosis is a diseases in which too much iron builds up and it mainly targets your bloodstream. People with hemochromatosis experience heart failure and jolt pain. Hemochromatosis was discovered in the United States and found mostly in people of Western European descent. Hemochromatosis diagnosed by people undergoing a series of tests, checking medical and family histories, and having a physical examination. It is treated by phlebotomy which is the surgical opening of a vein to withdraw blood. This disease made people believe that iron is good for you only in moderation. Too much iron can actually be detrimental to the human body. This disease impacted humans during

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