Diseases of the breasts are a common occurrence in women about one out of eight women in the

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Diseases of the breasts are a common occurrence in women; about one out of eight women in the United States are affected by breast cancer, which is not gender specific, rarely occurs in men as well. The female breasts also called mammary glands are located between second and seventh rib, in front of the human chest, over the pectoralis major muscle, and consists of three types of tissues; glandular, fibrous and adipose tissues, including lymph vessels serving to drain excess fluid. Many women suffer from common changes in breast tissue which are non-cancerous masses or lumps that may develop on occasion which are called fibroadenomas. Fibrocystic disease affects pre-menopausal women and is characterized by lumpy irregular breast tissue,…show more content…
Some researchers state that increased time of wearing a brassier may contribute to development of breast cancers. The research showed that women who did not wear a bra had about a 60% less chance to acquire breast diseases, and supported that the under garment provided increased temperature of the breast, as well as tightness that would affect the lymphatic system flow, therefore causing abnormalities.
Symptoms that indicate breast cancer are not detected easily. Benign masses, as well as malignancies may present as a lumps, most commonly in the upper portion of the breast. Other symptoms include dimpling of the skin; changes in size and color of the nipple, purulent or bloody discharge form the nipples or other irregularities when performing a breast exam, including the axillary region. Once the cancer invades other organs the patient may suffer from pain and discomfort, weight loss, joint pain, fever, skin disorders and swelling. Extent of the invasion will indicate the symptoms seen and experienced by the patient. Organs attacked by malignancy vary on the origin and location of the tumor. Common organs of invasion include but are not limited to; lungs, liver, bones and brain. Early detection of the disease greatly decreases the chance cancer to metastasize to other parts of the body, and provides

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