Disenchantment and Modernity Essay

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The early twentieth century represented a turbulent and changing time, socially and in respect to art, for the majority of the western world. Specifically, during and Post World War I the art culture was radically morphing into a completely polar form. As artists utilized new methods and represented emerging movements such Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, “suprematism”, The Readymade, Dada, and Surrealism they all relied in the same belief of rebellion. This rebellion varied depending upon the artist and their interpretation but in all cases it served the same purpose – to enlighten and redefine what art “should be” and what can be called art. This disenchantment away from the stereotypical classic definitions of art and what is …show more content…
Additionally, these strokes are representative of the Art Nouveau movement of the early 19th century, often seen in relative architecture of the era.
From historical research, the emotions that are expressed in the piece can be related to Munch’s life.
Throughout his life, he was surrounded with death and disease as also represented in his earlier pieces where he repeatedly composes an image of a sick young girl in various mediums. His mother, father, and two siblings all had died of illness and had left Munch with feelings of despair and separation. These two themes are directly reflected in The Scream, as the solitary figure is left alone in foreground and is clearly anguished with the situation at hand. Further, the piece portrays an alternate connection to the existing technological advances of the era. It can be interpreted as a piece that is commenting on how
Munch, and others, are being left behind in a world that is becoming ever more fascinated with technology and its industrialization. Representative of the Expressionist movement in Germany at the time, it put further emphasis on the emotions of the piece through explicit depiction and use of the vibrant colors as well as sense of intense un‐easiness.
The work of Edvard Munch in The Scream represents a timeless depiction of societal change and the clash between life and technological evolution. As with every
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