Disgrace By J. M. Book Review

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Paula Urresta Professor: Joselle Louis LaGuerre ENC1102 September 29, 2015 The novel Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee presents two rapes– the rape of Lucy by three unidentified men and David’s rape of Melanie, his college student. These rapes are both unresolved. Coetzee writes about these two rapes to demonstrate the ways in which men dominate and control women in the South African society. It is deeply saddening that the rapes that occurred in the book are both left unresolved. Although, they both end in different ways, the case of Melanie who was victimized by David Lurie was not exactly a vicious or violent rape. It seems as though Melanie may have felt that she should agree with the matter at hand or else she would have to face consequences for disobeying David’s request. It almost feels as though Melanie is providing her consent for such actions. Lucy’s rape is the complete opposite; she is raped by a gang in her own home and has to suffer the embarrassment of her father David knowing all the horrible details. In both cases, the men got away with the rapes because they took place in a post-apartheid South African society. A post-apartheid South African society is a rigid former policy consisting of segregation as well as economic and political oppression towards the nonwhite population. David never acknowledged the rape of Melanie; he knew that the sexual relationship was unwanted by her, but refused to recognize the action as a rape in itself. In the book Disgrace it
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