Disgrace by J.M Coetzee

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M. Coetzee, was born in Cape Town on the 9th of February 1940. Coetzee begun his tertiary education at the University of Cape Town receiving his honours in English and mathematics. He went further to receive his PhD in English, linguistics and Gemanic languages at the University of Texas. In 2002, Coetzee emigrated from South Africa to Adelaide, Australia. J. M. Coetzee is well known for being an active member of fighting for, human rights, animal rights and gender equality.

J M Coetzee’s novel, Disgrace is published in 1999, which offers as explained by Paul Bailey “ a subtle, multilayered story, as much concerned with politics as it is with the itch of male flesh.” Coetzee with this novel took a different academic approach of analyzing South African Politics, through using the book and the information within as a general metaphor pertaining to the paradigm shift of South African politics through its transition from the dark days of Apartheid to a Democratic South Africa. Coetzee’s work Disgrace is undoubtedly an allegory of South African history, society and politics.

David, the novels main character, is a symbol of the typical white patriarchal South African male, whom after the fall of Apartheid is undergoing and suffering from the rapidly changing political landscape of South Africa. David is used as a larger metaphor of all white South Africans. Over the past several years building up from 1999, David, along with the majority of white South Africans has found…
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