Dish Network External Analysis

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Dish Network The external analysis of Dish Network shows the TV service providers industry and environmental factors that affect those companies in the industry. The two studies that were used to examine the external factors were PEST Analysis and Michael Porter’s Five Competitive Forces. Through these two studies, Dish Network can have a better understanding of not only their industry factors, but other environmental issues that may cause a need for concern. The first study that we will discuss is the macro-environmental study PEST. This study was used to examine the four main environmental factors that could/would affect those in the industry. The four main environmental factors include political, economic, social, and technological.…show more content…
The final environmental factor in the PEST analysis is technological environment. Being in the TV service providers industry, it is essential that the companies within the industry are constantly coming up with new innovative ideas. Customers are expecting new and exciting ways to watch television. Some of the new technologies that the industry is facing are providing HD channels, DVR, 3D televisions, watching shows on the internet and mobile device, and On Demand features. These technologies will help the growth of the industry if they can keep up with the demand. The next study that is examined was the Five Competitive Forces. This shows the industry’s competitors, threats of new entrants and substitutes, and the power of the customers and suppliers. The main rival competitors within the TV service providers industry are Dish Network, Direct TV, Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, and Atlantic Broadband. The rivalry of these competitors could lead to lower profits due to price competition and new technology as each is trying to stay competitive in the industry. The next set of forces is the threat of new entrants and possible substitutes that the TV service providers industry faces. Possible new entrants into the industry are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Apple, and Amazon. All of these entries could pose a strong threat to the industry. They have similar technologies and have the
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