Dishonesty And Honor Standards

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“As a responsible member of the student body of Stockton Unified Early College Academy, I realize that everything I do and say must be above reproach. I will be honest with myself and with others, and I will practice appreciation of, and respect for, diversity within both the SECA and collegiate communities. I will refrain from all acts of dishonesty and intolerance, and I will not accept those acts from others. I will actively encourage my fellow students to follow the highest standards of both personal integrity and academic excellence. I recognize that attending SECA is a privilege not to be taken lightly, and that we, as a school family, are guests of our college host. Accordingly, I must, therefore, conduct myself appropriately at all times and in all situations, both on and off campus.…show more content…
I, and my parents/guardians, formally acknowledge our assent by my acceptance into, and attendance at, the Stockton Unified Early College Academy. I also understand that, should I be accused of
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