Dishonor Roll: A New Study Says Student Cheating

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Cheating was less common back then than it is now, because today there is not enough discipline or stress on how it is morally wrong. Cheating is to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain a certain advantage. It has been around for centuries and over the years, it has only gotten more common, because of advancements in technology such as the internet. It can be seen almost anywhere, therefore it is a bigger problem than most people think. It has evolved into an ethical problem.
Academic cheating is the most common form of cheating. Students are so desperate to receive a satisfying grade in a class that they will do anything to get it, but what they do not know is that it really does not benefit them. In"Dishonor Roll: A New Study Says Students
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Like students, athletes are so desperate for that win that they will cheat in order to receive the prize and the praise that comes with it. In “A marathon of cheats” it says, “Thomas Hicks won the 1904 marathon in St Louis after taking two doses of brandy laced with strychnine. Hicks collapsed on the finishing line and had to be revived. There being no rule at the time against drugs, he was allowed to keep his gold medal.” Now if a person is found cheating they would be stripped of their medal and disqualified. A man who finished the line before Hicks was disqualified because he had admitted to cheating. So why wasn’t Hicks disqualified? Thomas Hicks was rewarded for cheating and for putting his life in danger. He had risked his life to win the race for a gold medal. Even though the other man who reached the finish line first had cheated, he admitted to it, set his morals straight and accepted the consequences that came with his actions. Stephen Mumford tells both sides of an athlete who enhances his abilities by taking drugs in his article "The Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs Is Cheating", he says “Armstrong was a cheat; and we feel cheated,” (Mumford). Athletes are not the only ones affected by their cheating. Fans are affected as well, they admire these athletes and finding out they cheated their way to the win makes them feel awful. They feel that they were cheering for someone who did not deserve to win. And if the use of drugs leads the athlete to have some serious health problems the fans will only be more devastated. Athletes that enhance their abilities by using drugs set a lousy example for children. They send the message that cheating is okay and that it is winning, when in reality cheating is not really winning because it is not the what the athlete is capable of it is what the drug is capable of. If the cheating athlete is on a team it could give the team a bad
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