Disillusion, Defiance, and Discontent (1914-1946)

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Unit 5: Disillusion, Defiance, and Discontent (1914-1946) “We asked the cyclone to go around our barn but it didn’t hear us.” -Carl Sandburg from The People, Yes Carl Sandburg was an American writer, best known for his poetry during modernism. The quote means people like to think they are in control and then something like this happens, and they realize that they 're not. The themes of the work is implied not stated Timeline The most significant ten year period is from 1920 to 1930 because the biggest cultural changes happened during this period because it was directly after WWI 1920 women get the right to vote Prohibition leading to Bootlegging, speakeasies, widespread law breaking and gangs Economy boomed The Roaring…show more content…
Most Americans wanted to remain neutral When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, America could no longer stay neutral After years the Allies defeated Nazi Germany Japan surrendered three months later after the US dropped the atomic bomb on two cities Literature of the Period The Birth of Modernism WWI brought an end to optimism Many people were left with uncertainty and disillusionment No longer trusting the pre war ideas In search of new ideas The major literary movement was known as modernism Modernism was very diverse but had one common purpose: they sought to capture the essence of modern life in both form and content of their work In poetry they abandoned traditional form The themes of their work was usually implied not stated Modernism help American literature get world recognition Imagism Imagism is a modernist poetic movement Lasted 1909 to 1917 Followers from the united stated and England Rebelled against sentimentality of nineteenth-century poetry Clear expression, concrete images, everyday language Models came from Greek and Roman classics, Chinese and Japanese poetry Hilda Doolittle and Ezra Pound The Expatriates Postwar led a number of Americans to be exiles Many settled in paris Influenced by Gertrude
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