Disillusionment In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is the representative of Fitzgerald. The structure of this novel is excellent,the description of it is accurately,the emotion of it is abundant. T. S.Eliot think it is the first step of American modern fiction has taken since Henry James. Arthur Mizener said that in the novel,Fitzgerald is the first people using the view of the 20th century,making the realize of James rooted in American life which has a dramatic conflict between kindness and evil. The reason of his works are liked by a numerous readers is those works reflect the social meaning and artistic charm in expression. The Great Gatsby only use the more than 50000 words with its prefect language, structure and scene to accomplish the most moved American tragedy for readers. There are many colors used in this novel,making…show more content…
In the Great Gatsby,there is a desert area called Ashenvale,which is a full of industrial residue and the lower working people living in the area. The bleak scene imply the tragedy in the near future and it is also a symbol of the American dream’s disillusionment. Gatsby dedicated his life to an aim,he even dedicated himself to a dream, he tried to make something exist in the mind of Tom and Daisy. However, the beautiful dream is shattered by the grim reality,the naive love is corroded by money. Because of his dream,Gatsby paid his life for his dream. Disillusionment of Gatsby's dream is not only because of the rich’ selfish,but also his dream itself is destructive. In this society,it will have to pay a high price for realizing dreams, hitting head broken and bleeding or depression even suicide. Thus it makes the tragedy of the American dreams’ disillusionment. In the novel the Great Gatsby,the hero Gatsby is killed in the end declared that the American dream is disillusioned. The novel tells us that sometimes one person’s success means the moment of disillusionment is coming in that capitalist
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