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Assignment #3
HRM 530 – Strategic Human Resources Management

Dismissal Meeting
1. Propose three (3) ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff.
When the economy — or a company’s business — goes south, the quickest way a company can chop its costs is by laying off its employees. It’s never popular and often companies will try other cost-cutting measures long before they have to cut workers, but if you’re among those who get the pink slip, you don’t really care. You just lost your job.
For many, being laid off is something that will be unexpected and shocking. Unless you work in a seasonal industry where layoffs occur with annual regularity, a layoff is akin to
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No matter how strong your recruiting, hiring, performance management, and management practices are, employee terminations are an inevitable part of owning a business. Terminations can result from employee misconduct, performance issues, and changes in business. Termination meetings tend to be stressful for both the employee and the person delivering the message. Nonetheless, there are some key steps to follow that can make this meeting easier: Step 1) Above all else, treat the employee with respect and kindness and remain calm no matter how the employee reacts. Do not argue with the employee. Be compassionate and respectful. Step 2) Conduct the meeting in private and keep it brief. Step 3) Have another witness present – preferably someone from HR or in management. Step 4) During the meeting, discuss termination meeting, benefits, and references: Focus on the real reason for the termination. Being vague can lead the employee to draw their own conclusions regarding the reasons. The purpose of the meeting is to communicate the message, not to discuss the reasons, or rights and wrongs, behind the decision. You should avoid discussing anything not relevant to the employee’s conduct or reason for termination. Review termination benefits, if any (i.e., severance, vacation pay, insurance continuation) and, if applicable, review the separation and release agreement, which

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