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Disney and Excellence The Walt Disney Company’s passed and present actions, programs, and corporate culture demonstrates the company’s commitment and appreciation for excellence. The spirit of excellence - which is woven into the fabric of Disney - began with the company’s founder Walt Disney (Wise, 2014). His dream of excellence was so immense and pervasive that it invaded every aspect of the company. Historically, the Walt Disney Company displayed excellence through the strict standards of performance excellence and a love of innovation and technology. Walt Disney impressed and required an excellent performance ethic from every member of the company - whether leading animators or Disneyland employees (Carillo et al., 2012; Gabler, 2007). Disney’s fascination and use of technology as an innovative change agent, stimulated excellence in all of his work. Walt displayed excellence in the creation and application of the multiplane camera in Snow White and “his technological perfectionism, corporate homogeneity, and robotized attractions” (Weinstein, 1992, p. 154), set Disneyland apart from proceeding amusement parks - as a new benchmark of entertainment excellence within the field (Weinstein, 1992; Wise, 2014). Today, The Walt Disney Company continues the legacy of excellence begun by its founder 93 years ago. Mi Dahlgaard-Park’s (2009) 4P model of excellence is homogeneous with The Walt Disney Company’s own understanding, facilitation, and maintenance of excellence. “The…

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