Disney Business Plan

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Disney Business Plan MGT/449 Quality Management and Productivity Overview After close examination of current cost, long wait in lines, safety for guest and employees, guest relations, and employee recruitment and retention the factors which influenced the level of planning needed to accomplish this growth within Disney will not only reveal Disney's effective business practices and tactics but will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this monolithic organization. Disney's outlook on planning, centers on their commitment to family entertainment, customer satisfaction, quality, diversification of markets, innovation, management reorganization and corporate restructuring when necessary. The customer has continued to possess the…show more content…
Another method for Disneyland to reduce cost for the average visitor is by offering patrons more package deals. Disneyland can already offer these types of deals, but if they really were concerned about the high cost they can be more flexible with these deals. They can team with major airlines and hotel to lower the overall cost of these deals. Also, they can partner with bus or train lines like Greyhound and Amtrak for those who aren’t planning on driving. In this case, they would save money by not having to pay for the high cost of fuel. Disney may also want to try offering a price package based on the income of some families who are not able to afford a vacation as much as others. There are a lot of organizations that offer subsidized pricing for families. If Disney were to use this method maybe some of those families who want to go but cannot afford to go will get the opportunity to visit the greatest place on earth as they say. In addition Disneyland can also reduce costs and help the community by offering discounts to visitors who donate to a local Disney charity. Disney would offer substantial ticketed discounts to visitors who bring something to the park with them to donate to a local charity (i.e. canned food, gently used clothing, cash donation). In addition, Disney could offer cost savings to visitors who purchase annual passes to the park. In turn for these annual ticketed cost
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