Disney Business : The Diversification Of Their Business Portfolio

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The Walt Disney business model lies in the diversification of their business portfolio. They cover all sectors of entertainment, in addition to their well-known parks and resorts. They own major television networks like ABC and ESPN, and movie studios like Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilms. They meet their customer’s needs in a variety of ways in order to deliver value. Disney has a great management system because they are able to deal with each part of their corporation so effectively. Their slogan “Where Dreams Come True” epitomizes their attitude towards delivering value to the customer. The managers and employees are the primary inputs but Disney operates in such a wide array of entertainment areas that it is hard to identify all of the inputs. For example at their amusement parks, Disney buys food and souvenirs from their suppliers and then sells them to their customers to deliver value. When it comes to television, they buy all of the equipment along with the television rights to deliver value through a twenty-four hour sports cable channel like ESPN. The more viewers the show has the more money they are able to charge through advertising dollars. Disney prides itself in having diverse suppliers; they believe this leads to the most innovative and cost effective approach. Disney also dedicates itself to supplier sustainability; together they develop sustainable business practices and methods of delivering products and services. The business strategy of Walt Disney…

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