Disney Corporttion´s Negative Influence in Children via their Kid Programs

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What started out as cartoon shows such as Mickey Mouse has now changed into a profit driven corporation. With TV shows, movies, clothing lines, toys, CDs, books, and theme parks, Disney is creating billions in revenue. However, the profits are at the cost of the youth. One way the youth are being harmed is children are absorbed in watching television shows that Disney plays daily. The amount of time spent watching television has increased in the years, while the amount of time spent playing games outside has decreased. Because of this, health issues in children have risen, especially in the United States. Also, children begin to idolize the child actors from the shows on Disney such as Miley Cyrus in “Hannah Montana”. Although some actresses are good role models, most usually are not. Child actors are more likely to develop drug addictions, alcohol addictions, and eating disorders than an average teenager. Not only are the child actors harmed from being put into a crazy lifestyle, the children who idolize these actors are harmed as well. Therefore, Disney’s influence on the youth is harmful and should be limited. Obesity and other health issues are become a problem for the youth in America. While poor diets contribute greatly to the problem, there are other factors as well, for instance, lack of exercise or physical activity. With numerous television shows for children of all ages, more time is spent inside, watching these shows than outside running around playing tag or

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