Disney Court Case

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Within the first few minutes of Karen Morris entering the lecture hall I knew her presentation would be interesting, and one that would be hard not to pay attention to. I thought she picked a great topic to present on, I found the stories of the different cases incredibly interesting, and even humorous at some points. I felt that she kept everyone's attention throughout the presentation by the way she presented the information, she was not only loud but you could tell she wanted to be there and wanted to share these cases with us.
She began by introducing herself and telling us about traffic lawns and not to text and drive, as well as explained the consequences of doing it, which I thought was a good way to start out and to catch everyone's attention. She then moved on giving us brief synopsis of many different court cases, explaining laws that sparked some discussion. The first court case that brought on a discussion was one related to copyrights. Two people owned a restaurant that eventually closed, the owners parted ways and opened up two different restaurants on their own. One of the previous restaurant owners wrote all
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A little boy was swimming and playing in very shallow waters at a beach area, under his parental supervision. An alligator appeared biting and dragging the little boy under water practically drowning him, he didn't die but was seriously injured. There were signs around the beach area saying “no swimming”, however there were no signs warning people of alligators. The boy’s family is suing Disney saying they didn't take proper precautions by just having a sign saying no swimming. Disney has workers who patrol these waters, and alert someone if there are alligators to have them removed. Disney has now put up signs saying there are alligators along with a fence around the area. The case is still in progress and is being debated over whether disney took proper
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