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Company Background

Combining the best of Walt Disney World with brand new cruise ships, the Disney cruise line creates a combination of the romance of yesteryear with all the comforts of today. Launched in July 1998, the Disney Cruise Line has managed to sustain and create that 'magical experience' that Walt Disney customers have grown to expect and wish for. The Disney Cruise Line currently consists of two vessels, the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder that sail throughout the Western and Eastern Caribbean, as well as the Bahamas (Exhibit 1). Presently, the cruise line offers 5 different cruising options, including a 7 day land/sea package, a 3 and 4
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They also offer great opportunities for teens where they can socialize in places where there is music, games, internet café, in which they are given the opportunity to mingle and meet people their own age.

As we have clearly seen, the Disney Cruise Line ensures that its passengers' experiences on the ship are experiences of a lifetime and ones they will never forget. But what about Disney's employees? Are they given that same 'magical' experience that the cruise line offers to its customers? As one employee put it, "Being an employee of the Disney Cruise Line, as it is for the entire Walt Disney Company, is a privilege and an honor; to say that I work for one of the most well known and reputed companies in the world is something I am extremely proud of." The Disney Cruise Line is an employer who appreciates the richness that a culturally diverse workforce brings to its company; it is one of the only companies in the industry that hosts employees from 20 different nations around the world. Its training program is one of the most thorough and intense in the entire industry, where employees lean about the history and philosophy of the Walt Disney Company, and its employees are encouraged to attend educational classes where they are able to make suggestions, develop new ideas, and upgrade or change their positions. The Disney Cruise Line does its utmost best in trying to make its employees feel at home by offering benefits such as: a crew-only private beach on Castaway Cay,

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