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Introduction No one can forget the day that one of the largest company in the world started; some even say it’s magical. According to the Walt Disney archives “On October 16, 1923, a distributor in New York, named M. J. Winkler, was contracted to distribute the Alice’s in Wonderland Comedies that were created by Walt Disney. One this day it was the start of the Disney Company that was originally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and soon changed to the Walt Disney Studio to now the Walt Disney Company (D23)”. The founders are Walter “Walt” Disney and his brother, Roy Disney. Disney is famous for is animated characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, etc. After doing incredible in the film industry, Walt Disney had a desire to branch out. So after “several years of planning and construction, Disneyland was opened July 17, 1955, which soon led to the creation of Walt Disney World the opened in October 1, 1971 and Tokyo Disneyland, the first foreign Disney Park that opened in April 15, 1983 after Walt’s and Roy’s deaths (D23)”. Currently Disney owns media networks such as “ABC, and ESPN Inc., parks and resorts including Disneyland Resort Paris, and Aulani resort and spa (About)”.With all the items that Disney as created, their number one focus has always been the experience that their customers have from their services. By to create a strong customer centric culture, brand loyalty, technology advances at the parks,

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