Disney: Disney And The Success Of Disney

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Disney is much more than an industry engaging in animated films, as well as other industries such as Disney watches, Disney accessories, Disney bags, and Disney household goods. However, Disney’s success is not accidental. It has also experienced ups and downs in the process of growth. Today, Disneyland is a fairy-tale paradise for every child, and many of its growth is for other enterprises to learn. We now explore the key factors of Disney company’s success from its development.
• Build own industrial chain
After Disney making “Micky Mouse and Donald Duck”, “Snow White” and other animated films, these movies had caused widespread social repercussions and people gave it a warm return. However, movie box office receipts are only part of the total revenue, and more are derived from cartoon-based Mickey Mouse, Snow White and other derivative products such as toys, games, theme
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Disney pioneered a world-class fairy tale culture centered on brand cartoons. The purpose of this culture is to give the public a dream, to arouse the people’s inner innocence, and to create a stable seller's market by conquering the audience. The Disney brand has shaped its own foundations in the United States and the rest of the world and has fostered a viable culture that continues to grow and thrive. Most of Disney's cartoon characters, such as Snow White, Cinderella and Peter Pan, actually originated from European culture, but they commercialized the role of these fairy tales to make them popular. In recent years, "Mulan", "Kung Fu Panda", "Flying House Travels" and other films, regardless of themes, stories and character modeling, are integrated into the traditional Chinese culture. It can be said that Disney's clever point is to take the culture of the world to American-style processing, and then through a powerful marketing approach to influence the audience and tourists from all over the
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