Disney Environmental Impacts (Hong Kong)

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This following report is based on the environmental impacts and issues Hong Kong Disneyland has on the hospitality and tourism industries. Disneyland was first opened in Los Angeles in the year 1955 and is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. It was aimed for entertainment and family and is one of the most popular and well-known theme parks in the world. Later on, Disneyland opened in three more countries, which includes Florida, Japan and Europe. Visitors were offered exciting roller coaster rides, meeting their favorite Disney character, parades and shows. The Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth Disneyland styled theme park in the world that was opened in 2005 September and is one of the most popular attractions in…show more content…
Air and Noise Pollution Another main concern in Hong Kong is air pollution . It is usually caused by motor vehicles, power plants and other industries that produce smoke but for Hong Kong Disneyland it is the cause of the daily fireworks. Residents of Discovery Bay have complained of the smoke and the noise that will already add to the bad pollution of Hong Kong’s air and skies. Fireworks produces airborne particles that might be hazardous to people with cardiac and respiratory diseases Disneyland has done nothing to improve smoke that the fireworks produce even though the California Disney uses environmentally friendly fireworks. This means they use “compressed air to launch the pyrotechnics for fireworks as an alternative to gunpowder” . To deal with the air and noise pollution from the fireworks, Disney had met up with the Environmental Protection Department but has refused their proposal in using air and noise pollution monitors around its Penny's Bay site to gauge the effects noise. Tokyo, Japan has these monitors installed as to help lower the air and noise pollution. Complaints about this have done nothing to budge Disney’s mind as they have not changed anything or improved the situation. This will simply result in residents and locals complaining of pollution, especially to those who live nearby and affects the tourism industry as no

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