Disney Film Analysis : Hercules : Love Saves The Day

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Disney has been known to create incredibly inspiring children’s cartoons and movies as far back as 1923. Their logo, Mickey Mouse’s ears, often symbolized the happiness of their viewers, and the funny moments they captured on film. When someone thinks of a Disney movie, they may think of several different kinda of critically acclaimed films. All of their movies, even the relatively newer ones have a general theme. Most of their movies follow a relatively undisturbed pattern: everything begins nice, a problem occurs, and love saves the day! Hercules is a bit more lenient with this rule and will remain one of the most classic and well-known Disney films of all time. Hercules was created in 1997, directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. The…show more content…
The storytelling is quick and witty in certain areas to even allow the parents to catch some neat humor in as well. Hercules was made about the same time frame as The Lion King, and true to this they seemed to have stepped up their game whenever evil seemed approaching. On a darker tone, Hades steps into the ring to remind us that the movie does need to move forward. An introduction to the Underworld gives a sense of despair, and just an overall unhappy feeling as would be expected from a Greek version of Hell. We see Hades as a cruel god, disgustingly shooting lost souls with a magical fireball. This sets the tone for him as an antagonist, as he’s even shown making his pet Cerberus fight itself for a small piece of meat, and treating his servants harshly. Later in the movie, when he is seen on Earth to pressure Hercules into helping him, he is mainly seen on a darker template. This exemplifies him in a great way to make sure we didn’t forget that the smooth-talker was actually the bad guy! Despite some amazing voice acting and storytelling, not everything can be perfect, not even Disney. It was a disappointment to see that the animation doesn’t exactly measure up to some of the newer movies. While it is expected, we can’t help but squint our eyes at the movie at some moments, since there are some goofs here and there that simple drawings just couldn’t remove. Faces discolorations and more is
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