Disney Food Research Paper

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Food may not be the first thing that comes up to mind when planning a trip to Disneyland. If you think of Disneyland, you would probably think of home of fantastical fireworks, rip-roaring rides, and lots of souvenirs stores along the road. However, Disneyland has figured out what guests crave, from savory to sweet irresistibly naughty treats which offer visitors at every corner. Foods listed below are my favorite must-eats in my Disney bucket list. ♥ Churros is definitely a must have treat in Disneyland. I cannot explain how much I love Churros especially the original cinnamon one. It is basically a long cinnamon sugar doughnut but I must say that, to me, it is a fried stick of sugary goodness :D I don't know why but I always look for Churro
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