Disney Has Multiple Product Lines

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1. Disney has multiple product lines. Explain how well they fit with each other.
With over 100 categories of products, Disney has developed several different product lines which contain numerous products (Disney, 2016). These product lines stretch from cruses, to amusement resorts, from cosmetics to clothing, and movies to video games and TV channels. Disney has developed a very large and wide diversification strategy that allows them more stability and strength in times of hardship.
A large and wide diversified business is great, as long as it is a cohesive and effective business. This means that not only does the business need to be diversified, but it must also function together well, in order to make one smooth running business. As large and diversified as Disney is, one would think that they would have issues in developing and maintaining a single unified course. However, that does not seem to be the case since Disney continues to grow both in size and diversified unity.
Former CFO Rasulo said, “Almost every aspect of the company is oriented around brands and franchises.” Disney does a fantastic job interconnecting their brands and franchises in order to make each as successful as possible. This is evident in the ways that they build each brand and franchise off of each other and then back off themselves. Consequentially, Disney is able to continue to grow their products.
Despite this growth and expansion, Disney does not focus on quantity of their products (Budds,…

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